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"Dulce Lamarca has been experimenting with films, performances and mediated spaces to explore how to engage an audience intimately both off and on a screen. (...) Investigations of time and space as conceptual and sculptural material play out in the performative videos of Dulce Lamarca. Her distance performances to gallery audiences via remote screen-sharing gains even more relevance to our zoom-laden world of today."

Regine Basha

Dulce Lamarca is an Argentinian-born interdisciplinary artist and educator currently living and working in New York. She holds a BFA with orientation in Painting and Arts Education from Regina Espacio de Arte (Buenos Aires, Argentina) and an MFA in Fine Arts from SVA School of Visual Arts (New York, NY). Her experience working at a hospice with terminally-ill patients and her background as a cellist deeply informs her work and her interest in time as a material.

Lamarca’s work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally in Five Myles (Brooklyn, NY), Tramo (Panama City, Panama), A.I.R. Gallery (Brooklyn, NY), Spring Break Art Show (New York, NY), Doral Contemporary Art Museum (Doral, Miami, FL), Proyecto Casa Intervenida (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Latin American Theater Experiment & Associates, (New York, NY), Centro Cultural Borges (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Blue Oyster Art Project Space (Dunedin, New Zealand), Museo del Desierto (Saltillo, Mexico), Luxun Academy of Fine Art and Lankai Gallery (Anshan, China), among others. 

Mainly through video and performance, Lamarca explores different ways of perceiving time, longing, and desire. Her work is a reflection of personal memories, interpretation, and meaning. Using curiosity as an ideology, humor and technology as a tool, and participation and playful improvisation as a foundation for her practice. 

Dulce is currently working on a 16 mm film shot in Uruguay during the summer earlier this year. She recently reviewed the footage for the first time during an online performance titled Can you here me?  which was hosted by Blue Oyster Art Project Space, Dunedin, New Zealand. 


selected press

- Adeola, Olakiitan. “You hear me here you.”Blue Oyster Project Space, 7 March 2023. 

- Rovatti, Valeria. “Compartir, invitar, inventar excusas, presenciar, dar tiempo”. Blue Oyster Project Space, 7 March 2023. 

- "the bearable lightness of an adjacent life." Lyric Essay by Olakiitan Adeola on Dulce Lamarca's digital practice. March 31st, 2021

- "A Conversation with New York-Based Artist Dulce Lamarca." Interview and Review by Ashlin Artemisa Ballif at Daily Lazy. March 15th, 2021



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