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Pieza, 2019 - ongoing


Pieza is a collaborative project between artists Daniel Arturo Almeida, Maximilian Juliá, and Dulce Lamarca. A project centered around informal gatherings occupying space through leisure as both a learning tool and an act of resistance. Esencialmente pensado para nuestras amistades, comunidad y quien quiera pasar un rato jugando dominó. 


Domino, a game played in plazas and backyards – is an arena that reclaims public spaces through conversations that translate into social exchanges. As most domino matches, Pieza is an excuse to gather around a table to connect and learn from each other. The project extends its life through the documentation of the event via diagrams, writings, and drawings that honor shared leisure as a formative event, where different ideas and paths of life coexist and inform each other.

Summer 2021

Glow In The Dark, A.I.R. Gallery

Brooklyn, New York

Summer 2019

MFA Brown Art Residency

Governors Island, New York

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